“Our expectations are always high …always with a personalized focus to help students excel in their academic performance, recognize their strengths, and rise to their full potential as future leaders.”

Meet Our Team

John Norman

Executive Director

Over the past 16 years, John has held leadership positions within the non-profit youth development field for various organizations — YMCA, LEAPS After School Program, Hayward Parks & Recreation District, and the Boys & Girls Club. 

A graduate ofCalifornia State University, Eastbay (CSUEB), John obtained his undergraduate degree in Communications (2009) and his graduate degree in Leadership from Saint Mary’s College (SMC) in 2020

John’s passion stems from an unwavering belief that a strong systematic approach to youth development is the answer to the call-of-service for the 21st century, especially for youth at-risk. 

The organization’s core values mirror his personal beliefs and his dedicated commitment to being an agent of change. 


Lavell Jackson

Student Advocate and Site Coordinator

Lavell has worked as a Youth Mentor and Leader for over seven years. 

Working directly with students and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves possible is a natural extension of Lavell’s passion for God, his belief in the power of family, and his music. 

Lavell is a trusted voice and grounded advocate at RYR, engaging students with a purpose-driven, positive attitude and an infectious, uplifting smile. 

Albert Salazar

Student Advocate and Site Coordinator

Raised within a family of immigrants from Mexico, Albert’s home life was dysfunctional and broken. The personal traumas he experienced as a youth were a direct link to his at-risk behaviors. 

Proving that one’s past never dictates their future, Albert ultimately entered law enforcement and discovered a passion for helping those, who like himself, struggle with the dynamics of a troubled youth. 

Realizing that a mentor could have had a significant impact on his life, he chose to give back by becoming a mentor and assisting in the growth and resilience of youth at risk in his community. 

We Appreciate Your Support

Raising Youth Resilience is a 501 (c)(3)

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the lives of children in Stockton, CA. 



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